XIV Latin American Regional IAU Meeting

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Detailed map of Ingleses

Sixth Announcement

LARIM2013 is just a couple of weeks away. This last announcement updates and reinforces some previously given information and gives you some new info about transportation and the conference dinner.  As usual, this message is echoed on our web page. Eventual last minute communications will be made only through the web page and the facebook group. 

Fifth Announcement

October 21, 2013

Dear colleagues,

Here are the latest news and instructions regarding LARIM2013, now just a few weeks away. As for previous announcements, this one is also posted on our web page, which should always be taken as the primary source of information about LARIM2013, so keep an eye on our web page.

Preliminary Programme

Click here for an updated version of our preliminary programme.

Facebook Group

In case you have a facebook account, we created the group below to improve the interaction among LARIM participants (mainly to find room-mates, local information, etc.)




Fourth Announcement

4th Announcement - September 4, 2013

Dear colleagues,

The organization of the 2013 LARIM is proceeding at full speed. We are now 100 days away from what promises to be an exciting meeting. Please read the following announcements carefully. Besides novelties about the meeting, we have tried to cover frequently asked questions. Some of your servers are bouncing our emails or classifying them as spam, so we recommend you to keep an eye on our web page, where announcements like this and further information are available.

Third Announcement

3rd Announcement - August 2013

25 - 30 November  2013, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
Web-site: www.larim2013.org.br

Note about travel grants

Note to applicants for IAU travel grants

We got a number of applications for IAU travel grants which exceeds our available budget by a very substantial factor. Although the methodology to allocate our limited resources will still be discussed by the organizing committees, we anticipate that in many cases we will offer financial support in an amount equivalent to the local expenses (registration fee and lodging).  Support to also cover the travel expenses will be limited to very few cases.

We therefore urge all applicants to keep searching for other sources of funding to help them participate in the XIV LARIM.

The results of the selection for IAU travel grants will be posted here on August 21st.

Second Announcement

2nd Announcement - June 2013

25 - 30 November 2013, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil 

First Announcement

We are pleased to announce and invite you to attend the XIV Latin American Regional International Astronomical Union Meeting, to be held in island of Florianópolis, Brazil, from November 25-30.